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Grow the Music in You

     My main goal is to help you find and grow your musical voice as you compose your own music in whatever genre you want! As composers, we need to develop the ability to translate the accumulated music knowledge into practice and I am here to guide you on that musical journey and to help you make those connections with bespoke lessons.

     You can also freely explore the blog where the posts are as concise and practical as possible so that you can implement these ideas into your songwriting process. Experiment as much as you can, develop your ideas, processes, expand your knowledge and be the composer/musician that you want to be!    


Rich Hall – Lead singer of Follow No One

“(…) we all write music and sometimes something just clicks. That used to happen but it was accidental and now it’s natural (…) you can go from a music enthusiast to an artist, it’s up to you (…)” – see the full video testimonial

Emanuel Santos Sousa

Magnificent book. Exactly what I was looking for! Genius musicality and so well explained. I loved it!

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