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Grow the Music in You

I believe that everyone has the potential to create great music. I’m here to help you unlock your unique musical voice and compose your own music in whatever genre you desire.

From connecting the dots between music theory and practice to providing guidance through lessons, eBooks or courses, I’m devoted to helping you on your musical journey!


The blog posts are as concise and practical as possible so that you can implement these ideas into your songwriting process. With that said, let’s get started on discovering your inner composer and have fun!  

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Pedro Murino Almeida

About the Author

Pedro Murino Almeida is an Award-Winning composer, expert musician and experienced music teacher. The goal of Beyond Music Theory is to provide tools and instruction for Beginning to Advanced music students and those wishing to learn about music theory, how to use it and improve your songwriting and music production skills.

Latest Posts

Harmonic Creativity: The Role of Bass in Voice-Leading Exploration
The interplay between the bass and voice-leading within the harmonic framework of a musical composition holds the key to unlocking a world of creative possibilities. By understanding the dynamic relationship between these elements, composers and arrangers can venture into unconventional …
The Essentials of Functional Harmony
The key concepts that are essential to understand functional harmony and how these can be used in music, no matter what genre you are working in.
The Music Creation Process
It is safe to assume that inspiration doesn’t come out of nowhere. With that said, we need to prepare and plan for creativity, be it musical or related to any other activity. 
Chromatic Mediants and Metric Modulation
An example of how chromatic mediant relationships can sound by creating unexpected harmonies and also some tips on things you can do with rhythm to surprise your listeners.
Tips to Create Chord Progressions
In this post we will be looking at some tips that you can use to create chord progressions and start making your next song. I also did a little bit of that, as you will listen throughout the post. It …
Chords or Melody, What Comes First?
     Considering that melody and chords are one of the great building blocks of songwriting, one can wonder where to start first: chords or melody? Each approach can bring something different to the table so, read on: Melody-First Approach      A melody-first …