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Grow the Music in You

My main goal is to help you find and grow your musical voice as you create your own music in whatever genre you like! As composers, we need to develop the ability to translate the accumulated music knowledge into practice and I am here to guide you on that musical journey and to help you make those connections.

You can also freely explore the blog where the posts are as concise and practical as possible so that you can implement these ideas into your songwriting process. Experiment as much as you can, develop your ideas, processes, expand your knowledge and be the composer/musician that you want to be!    

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About the Author
About the Author

Pedro Murino Almeida is an Award-Winning composer, expert musician and experienced music teacher. The goal of Beyond Music Theory is to provide tools, coaching and instruction for Beginning to Advanced music students that wish to improve and develop their creative processes, songwriting and music production skills.

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