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pedro murino almeida

Pedro Murino Almeida is an awarded musician with the Josie Music Awards, one of indie music’s most sought-after and revered honors from the World’s Largest Independent Music Awards, the Josie Music Awards (JMA), with the rock act Follow No One as the Best Rock Act 2019.

“Follow No One has been channeling the best of rock’s past and present creative elements since their 2017 debut EP, “5.” Fans have been drawn to both the jaw-dropping guitar work and the powerful, melodic vocals of Rich Hall.”

MTS Management Group

“Follow No One combines masterful song crafting with guitar virtuosity to create a brand of rock and roll that grabs the attention of hard rockers and metal heads across the stylistic board.”

Indie Music Discovery

pedro murino almeida - live

He has scored for many films and animations, including Lost Haven, by award-winning director Patrício Faísca, and Killian by award-winning director Charlie Alberto IV with the participation of the actor Michael Madsen. Those films won the audience award at the FARCUME Film Festival and a Gold Remi Award Winner of World Fest-Houston International Film Festival of 2019, respectively.

Pedro has also scored for games, including a MOD of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion called Rathunas, composed an original flamenco score to a theater piece entitled Cantar Lorca, in honor of the poet writer and playwright Federico Garcia Lorca, produced by TAS (Teatro de Animação de Setúbal).

Pedro holds quite a few music degrees, including a master’s from the University of Sheffield, in the UK. He has taught music extensively and held workshops in guitar and music composition.