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polyrhythm, metric modulation, rhythm and expression, meter

metric modulation

Metric Modulation

     Tempo can also be modulated just as you can modulate to a different tonality. That can be achieved by simply performing a given musical passage in a faster or slower tempo, or even gradually change the tempo (Ritardando or Accelerando).… Read More »Metric Modulation

asymmetric division of meter

Asymmetric Divisions of the Meter

     Also called irregular meters, these can be considered the sum of two or more simple meters or time signatures. For example, a 5/4 can be the sum of a 2/4 + 3/4 meters. As a result, the natural accents of… Read More »Asymmetric Divisions of the Meter



     Polyrhythms are a way of introducing some freshness and novelty in the way you combine different rhythms played by different or a single instrument. Also referred to as cross-rhythm, a polyrhythm is essentially a combination of two or more different… Read More »Polyrhythms

rhythm and music expression

Rhythm and Music Expression

     There is much more to say about rhythm than what I will be exposing in this post. However, I am assuming that you already know enough about rhythm figures, meter and pulse, to follow along.      Depending on certain music genres,… Read More »Rhythm and Music Expression