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Chord Voicings

      It is related to the way the notes of the chord are distributed or spaced. A chord may be executed in close position (the most compact voicing), or in open position (wider spacing):

     We are always referring to the same chord but depending on the chord notes distribution, we can get a different harmonic feel. At this point, you might want to experiment with more complex chords. Because there are more notes involved, you will need to use your experience of how each interval sounds and feels. Depending on the way you choose to place the notes of the chord you will get different interval interactions that affect the overall harmonic feel:

With low C on bass

     Using a different example, you will hear how the interval interactions inside the chord affect how we perceive the same chord in slightly different ways and dissonances may become harsher or milder according to the intervallic context:

With low C on bass

     Either chord choice is fine depending on the musical context and effect you are going for. Shifting chord notes gives you the ability to control the tension and release of the harmonic progression.

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