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Online Lessons

online lessons - learn even more

     While the blog has lots of resources that you can explore on your own, you can benefit from private music coaching and lessons to help you find your creativity, further develop your music composition processes, songwriting and even music production skills in a personalized way.

All my lessons are tailored to your goals and skill level, with the aim of helping you to immediately translate the acquired knowledge into real world practical applications while using your own musical voice.

If you want to grow your skills and start making awesome music that you are proud of, schedule your session below! You can also get in touch, and I’ll answer to any of your queries.


Are the lessons private?

The online lessons are private and will be held via Zoom. The invitation link will be sent with the booking confirmation email. If you prefer using a different platform, we can arrange for an alternative like Google Meet or Skype.

If you have preference for any other form of study/interaction, please let me know and I will accommodate for that as well.

How can I schedule lessons?

Click the button below the lesson price information at the bottom of this page to book your lesson(s).

You may schedule as many lessons as you wish in advance according to availability, although you will have to do it one at a time. After you made one booking, please return to this page to proceed to the next booking.

How are payments made?

Lesson payments are made through PayPal or Credit Card and must be made in advance – within 48h to 24h before the lesson.

What if there are any internet connection issues?

To avoid losing time in your lesson please ensure that your internet connection is working and also check if the sound and video is working properly.

In case internet becomes unstable and if we experience dropouts, power cuts or something like that don’t worry, we will reschedule your lesson.


30 min. Session

single lesson 30 min


1h Session

single lesson 1h



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