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Key Centers

Tonality, atonality, modulations



     The chromaticism of the nineteenth century diluted the tonal system in such a way that it was only natural that the system would eventually be abandoned altogether. This new music without a tonal center, that was weakened or lost, eventually… Read More »Atonality

key centers

Key Centers

     In tonal music, a key center is the pitch or chord around which the music revolves, like a home base where you want to return to. It is important to distinguish that being in the key of C major doesn’t… Read More »Key Centers

tonality in music


     Simply put, tonality is a system of musical organization using the same set of notes and chords in which there are perceived relationships with the pitches or chords from within the same group of notes – stabilities, attractions and… Read More »Tonality

circle of fifths

Circle of Fifths

 It is a geometrical representation of the relationships among the twelve tones of the chromatic system – all the notes in the equal temperament; their corresponding key signatures and associated major and minor keys. If you start in C and… Read More »Circle of Fifths

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