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Find out all about harmony, chord functions, substitutions, chord progressions

chromatic harmony

Chromatic Harmony

     In this post we will be looking at a technique to use chords from different keys as a way of introducing some novelty or surprise in your chord progression and without having to necessarily make a permanent modulation. We… Read More »Chromatic Harmony

multi-tonic systems - coltrane changes

Multi-Tonic Systems

     This system consists in symmetrically dividing the octave in three or four parts. If we consider C to be used as octave, then we will get the pitches C, E and G# or Ab. When using these three pitches harmonically,… Read More »Multi-Tonic Systems

chromatic mediants

Chromatic Mediants

     A mediant or submediant relationship refers to the relative distance of a third interval, ascending or descending, to a reference pitch or tonic. In the case of a C major scale, with C being used as reference pitch, its diatonic… Read More »Chromatic Mediants

chord transformations

Chord Transformations

     Chord transformations occur when a chord voicing is altered and transforms that chord into a different one. For example, if you have a C major chord and the move the tonic half-step down, you will get the inverted Em chord… Read More »Chord Transformations

block chords motion

How to Use Block Chords in Your Music

     Another good way of thickening the melodic line, or to create a harmonic melody, is to use block chords. These are usually played in rhythmic unison with the melody, or very close to it. The name of this harmonic device… Read More »How to Use Block Chords in Your Music

parallel harmonic movement or harmonic planning

Parallel Harmonic Movement

     This harmonic device consists in moving a chord or a harmonic interval and maintain the relative distance between pitches, or put another way, it’s when all the voices of a chord move in the same direction. It can be used… Read More »Parallel Harmonic Movement

ways of using pedal point in music

How Pedal Point Can Be Used In Your Music

     It refers to a note that is sustained over a long period of time. More often than not, it starts on a consonance and throughout the chord succession, or progression, the note is sustained as a dissonance until it resolves… Read More »How Pedal Point Can Be Used In Your Music

harmonic anticipation and suspension

Harmonic Anticipation and Suspension

     This device can be used as means of creating, releasing and/or prolonging tension while the underlying harmony changes until it resolves to a new chord or harmonic context. It is used as an effect to increase the interest and depth in a… Read More »Harmonic Anticipation and Suspension