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Chord formation; types of chords; chord extensions; triads; clusters; chord by fourths; chords by seconds

matching scales to chords

Matching Scales to Chords

     Chords are made from scale materials or pitch sets, meaning that any scale that contains the notes of a particular chord that is being used is a potential candidate to be used over it. But something to always be… Read More »Matching Scales to Chords

chord formation - triads and tetrads

Chord Formations – Triads and Tetrads

Chords by Thirds      The first chord constructions we will be looking at are the chords stacked by thirds. These chord formations must be one of the most commonly used and, in their simplest form, they are called triads. A triad… Read More »Chord Formations – Triads and Tetrads

neapolitan chords

Neapolitan Chords

 A Neapolitan chord is a major chord built on the flattened second scale degree (the super-tonic) of a major or minor scale. For example, the Neapolitan chord in the key of C major, or minor, would be a Db major chord. These chords often resolve… Read More »Neapolitan Chords